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Our services range from industrial land negotiations and Industrial Warehouses as well as Environmental Consulting services, Topographical Survey, Engineering and Architecture, Earthmoving, comercialization of Carbon Credit and APP - permanent preservation area. Also leasing and construction of industrial warehouses.


To meet investors, domestic and foreign industries that do not intend to acquire an industrial site, SANTA CATARINA Industrial Land also develops a full-service leasing of industrial warehouses, in order to accelerate the start of the new venture operations and reduce costs of implementation of the new Industrial Plant.

The Warehouse leasing is divided into Built to Suit & Conventional Rentals:


SANTA Catarina Industrial Land, beyond the sale of Industrial lands, also carries out the construction of industrial warehouses or factories in order to meet all the needs of the enterprise. These needs supply the interests of the owners of a Industrial land, or a Built to Suit client that will lease a tailor-made warehouse. These constructs can be built with prefabricated or metal structures.


SANTA Catarina Industrial Land in addition to negotiating the land, also gives customers safety in environmental and sustainability issues. To comply with city, State and Federal laws the new company needs an environmental project to prevent environmental damage and to indicate actions for the least possible impact, in the land it will be established.

Environmental consulting is divided into Feasibility, Environmental Permitting and Environmental Monitoring:


SANTA Catarina Industrial Land develops a complete Topographic Survey to provide tranquility for customers.

The Topographic Survey is divided into Surveying and Geo-referencing:


The topography consists of the planimetric or altimetric representation of a plant, chart, map or a three-dimensional computer model. It aims to score the landforms and other small details that should be mentioned, referring to the industrial land relief, thus determining its outline, size and relative position.


SANTA Catarina Industrial Land through Georeferencing establishes the rule of law regulated by INCRA for registration of rural properties. The georeferencing performs a survey materializing currencies with use of marks through Satellite GPS system, where they receive geographic coordinates (latitude and longitude). This Topographic Survey for georeferencing may cover large regions by positioning the industrial land inside of the Globe.


Engineering and Architecture - SANTA Catarina Industrial Land develops an architectural pre-project materialized in the form of a 3D mockup. This feature provides the virtual building of industrial plant or project to be built with virtual environments simulating reality, allowing an interior and exterior view of the project, even before the execution of the works.

The major advantage of using 3D mockup is the decisive conclusion of our customer, to make sure that the industrial land or traded industrial building meets the needs relative to the size of the land with the project size to be built. This pre-project can progress to full engineering, architecture and urbanism project, with technical solutions integrated into the cost / benefit ratio.


Earthmoving is a way to purposely change land. So that this change can be done properly it is necessary to have a technician and prior knowledge of the area. Prepare the soil through excavation is essential so that we can do the work on the place.

The Topographic Survey is divided into Earthmoving Study and Enforcement of Earthmoving:

Earthmoving Study

The earthmoving project informs and demonstrates lands limits, identifying the actual dimensions. So that the earth movements are done correctly, it needs detailed studies of the area that include geometric and geotechnical designs. The geometric design is one that makes the definition of lines and earthmoving quotas, ie a drawing of the area. The project consists of geotechnical advice, analysis, calculation and indication of earthmoving execution methods.

Execution of Earthwork

The Implementation of earthmoving is the realization of movement of land including the construction area of the plant. The Earthwork occurs only after the environmental licensing and always takes into consideration the floor area of the land according to scripture.


SANTA Catarina Industrial Land, in order to facilitate environmental licensing of an industrial site, conducts trading land classified as PPA - permanent preservation area. A PPA can be used to ensure compliance with the Laws the Government relating to the Conservation Unit - UC. An area to be considered an PPA should be protected, covered or not by native vegetation with the environmental function of preserving water resources, landscape, geological stability and biodiversity, facilitate fauna and flora gene flow, soil protection and ensure the well-being of human populations.


To enable the construction of a polluting industry with manufacturing processes that harm the environment, SANTA CATARINA Industrial Land negotiates with international competent bodies the acquisition or issuance of Reduced Emissions Certificates, the Carbon Credits. This Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) meets the 2000 Kyoto Protocol.

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