Industrial lands


SANTA CATARINA Industrial Land is a company whose mission is to provide solutions in real estate for installation of new domestic and foreign manufacturing plants, ensuring the excellence of trading.

SANTA CATARINA Industrial Land focuses primarily on the negotiation of industrial lands and industrial warehouses for installation of new domestic and foreign manufacturing plants. Working with a Corporate Management model, SANTA CATARINA Industrial Land along with its team of Experts, Lawyers, Engineers and Directors, provide a Globalized trade, thus bringing greater agility, transparency, safety and legality. All this so legal procedures can be performed in an uncomplicated way, thus ensuring excellence in negotiations.

A Complete Company

Thinking of avoiding any kind of problems for customers, SANTA CATARINA Industrial Land also realizes all the necessary services for installation of a new industrial plant, besides the negotiation of industrial lands.
See some of the services:

Industrial Land Trading


Environmental Consulting

PPA - Preservation Area

Topographical Survey

Carbon Credit

Engineering And Architecture


SANTA Catarina Industrial Land formatted the process of any type of negotiation related to Industrial Lands in 4 steps:

Initial Contact

SANTA Catarina Industrial Land is a solid company and prepared to better serve its customers in a quick, transparent and safe way. We will be honored to serve you.

Identification Of Needs

The whole team of Experts, Lawyers, Engineers and Directors of SANTA CATARINA Industrial Land work together to identify the needs of our customers.

Customized Proposal

The Corporate Management of SANTA CATARINA Industrial Land develops customized solutions for each client, with the aim of making the installation process of new domestic and foreign industrial plants as simple as possible.

Your Exceeded Expectations

Working and treating all customers with respect, integrity, a spirit of victory, teamwork and diversity, SANTA CATARINA Industrial Land exceeds all expectations of its customers based on the operational excellence, business leadership, creativity, sustainability and especially for its honesty, transparency and agility in all business processes.


The great advantage of SANTA CATARINA Industrial Land

The technology is present in all administrative processes and negotiations of SANTA CATARINA Industrial Land. For better interaction between client and industrial land or industrial building, SANTA CATARINA Industrial Land operates with some technologies, as listed below:


The Drone is an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle - UAV, latest generation equipped with a highly advanced computer system remotely controlled from a distance. This equipment is used in carrying out aerial views in the industrial land of the customer’s interest. The american National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is pioneering the use of the UAVs technology for studies of hurricanes and storms.

Advantages of using the Drone:

Very safe vehicle, without the need for manned crew

Capture photos and real-time high-resolution video (Full HD)

Aerial view of the entire land area, overcoming barriers of access difficulties

Customer makes the choice to attend or not the visualization of the industrial land.

Integrated flight system composed of positioning via GPS

Environmentally friendly and sustainable vehicle, as it works with battery and does not use fuel.


SANTA CATARINA Industrial Land uses the helicopter to fly over the industrial land being negotiated with customers to give greater transparency and tranquility in the negotiations. The helicopter is an aircraft widely used by military, TV stations and executive business transportation.

Advantages of using helicopter:

Aerial view of the entire land area, overcoming barriers of access difficulties

Very safe and modern vehicle can take up to 5 people

Excellent maneuverability, it can stop in the air, reverse the route and, above all, it can take off and land with vertical flight.

Full view of the entire environment surrounding the industrial land.

Find all the benefits of infrastructure in the region, as connections of highways, ports, airports, railways, hospitals, schools, housing, supermarkets, gas stations and other regional benefits.


SANTA CATARINA Industrial Land has a large and modern Video conferencing room equipped with the latest generation of image, sound and light equipment. This technological environment contributes to global sustainability and enables real-time communication, audio and video simultaneously, between groups of people regardless of their geographic location.

Advantages of using the Video conferencing Room:

Economy of financial resources by reducing spending on trips in excess.

Optimization of time, avoiding customer physical displacement for Meetings.

Several people can participate on the meeting at the same time.

Sharing of information and documents related to the negotiation.

The meeting can be recorded and made available.


SANTA CATARINA Industrial Land only negotiates industrial lands expressly released and legalized, ensuring total security and confidence to its current and future customers. The most important document that SANTA CATARINA Industrial Land provides on its real estate is the Territorial Dossier. This document was developed and patented by our company. Within the Territorial Dossier are included over 50 very important documents, divided into the following folders:

All legal documentation of industrial lands

Technical data of industrial lands

Infrastructure in the region

Logistics and connections

Environmental aspects of industrial lands

Human aspects of the region

Weather Conditions

Benefits of City, State and Federal Government