Industrial warehouses


SANTA CATARINA Industrial Land is a company whose mission is to provide solutions in real estate for installation of new domestic and foreign manufacturing plants, ensuring the excellence of trading.

SANTA CATARINA Industrial Land beyond the sale of industrial lands also conducts the sale of industrial warehouses. The installation of a new domestic or foreign factory does not need to start initially with the purchase of industrial land and construction of buildings and factory warehouses. It can start with the purchase or leasing of an industrial WAREHOUSE.

To meet the needs of its customers that at first do not plan to acquire their industrial land, SANTA CATARINA Industrial Land performs rental of a conventional industrial building already built, or construct a new warehouse according to the need, the so-called Built-to-Suit.

Following the same principles adopted in Corporate Management and the negotiation of industrial lands, SANTA CATARINA Industrial Land carries out its activities related to industrial warehouses with the same agility, transparency, safety and legality. All this so that the statutory procedures are performed in an uncomplicated way, ensuring the prompt start to the new manufacturing plant operations.

A Complete Company in Warehouses

SANTA Catarina Industrial Land offers a full service related to Warehouses and can be pre-fabricated or constructed by the conventional process. In addition to the negotiation of industrial land, our company realizes all the services necessary for installation of a new industrial plant.
See some of the warehouses related services:

Sale of Industrial Warehouses

Lease (rent) Industrial Warehouses

Construction of Tailored Industrial Warehouses

Built-to-Suit (Construction and Leasing of tailor-made Warehouses)


The whole structure and specialized services with a fair and competitive price to meet the needs of the enterprise.
Some examples of Industrial Warehouses:

    Warehouse Logistics

    Industrial condos

    Food industry

    Automotive industry

    Auto parts industry

    Packaging Industry

    Graphic Industry
    Industry for Laboratories

    Metallurgy Industry

    Lumber Industry

    Hospital medical industry

    Chemical industry

    Textile industry

    Any type of industrial plant Industry


SANTA CATARINA Industrial Land formatted the process of any type of negotiation related to Industrial Warehouses in 4 steps:

Initial contact

SANTA Catarina Industrial Land is a solid company and prepared to better serve its customers in a quick, transparent and safe way. We will be honored to serve you.

Identification of needs

The whole team of Experts, Lawyers, Engineers and Directors of SANTA CATARINA Industrial Land work together to identify the needs of our customers.

Customized proposal

SANTA Catarina Industrial Land Corporate Management develops customized solutions for each client, with the aim of making the installation process of new domestic and foreign industrial plants as simple as possible.

Providing exceeded expectations

Working and treating all customers with respect, integrity, spirit of victory, teamwork and diversity, SANTA CATARINA Industrial Land exceeds expectations of its customers because of its operational excellence, business leadership, creativity, sustainability and especially for its honesty, transparency and agility in all business processes.


The major advantage of SANTA CATARINA Industrial Land

All the resources of technology and innovation as Drone Helicopter, Videoconferencing Room and Territorial Dossier used in the negotiation of industrial warehouses.