People management

The Human resources at SANTA CATARINA Industrial Land stimulates the exchange of knowledge and interaction between different cultures.

The best of people

Internship and Young apprentice are programs to train and invest on new employees, thus cultivating the best of people. SANTA CATARINA Industrial Land has a strategic model of training people. This implies a change of culture, as the corporate online education provides greater alignment with the company's strategy and a more planned and proactive behavior (and less reactive). In practice, it means that - instead of reacting upon the need for training of certain employees - we define which skills are needed for each area and provide training to our employees assimilate this knowledge in the most effective way possible.


We develop a holistic and global look at our business, studying, analyzing and, above all, respecting and envisioning a better professional future with enthusiasm and passion. Based on this philosophy, our strategy is focused on the Strategic Cornerstone of People Excellence. So we invest time, resources and research to be a global company, through various forms of seeing the world, and thus it puts us forward to innovate continuously. This is a strong competitive differential of SANTA CATARINA Industrial Land.