A SANTA CATARINA Industrial Land is a Brazilian company headquartered in the State of Santa Catarina and its mission is to provide solutions in real estate for installation of new domestic and foreign manufacturing plants, ensuring trading excellence.

Excellence in Negotiations Warranty

Our services range from the industrial land negotiation which envolves Environmental Consulting, Topography Surveying, Engineering and Architecture and Earthmoving, to commercialization of Carbon Credit and PPA - Permanent Preservation Area.

In an increasingly competitive and globalized world where nationalities are fused as if they were only one, sharing territories, economic power and culture, SANTA CATARINA Industrial Land facilitates this connection and makes it happen.

The entire staff of SANTA CATARINA Industrial Land works in order to ensure excellence in the negotiations, thus avoiding problems such as financial and legal issues for customers.

SANTA CATARINA Industrial Land operates in the real estate market not only negotiating industrial land, but also offering full service to customers.

In a scenario where the changes are constant, SANTA CATARINA Industrial Land always seeks to anticipate market changes what allows us to direct future. So, we are constantly looking for the best solutions for our business customers, assessing the processes in the light of the cornerstones and values that guide us.

A modern and globalized company

SANTA CATARINA Industrial Land is a modern and global company, whose management model provides agility and flexibility in our negotiations.

We provide to our customers a complete view of all the required processes in order to perform a safe and optimal trading. Along with our experts, lawyers, engineers and officers, we can act quickly and effectively in order to:

Negotiate an industrial land that has the feasibility and Environmental Permit for installation of a new industry with the ideal size for it;

Negotiate the sale of an Industrial Warehouse or the construction of a new one;

Performe Lease of Conventional Industrial Warehouses or build a new one in the Built-to-Suit system;

Accelerate the political procedures in city, State and Federal scopes;

Enforce the current laws with the competent organs for all required document releases to the new facilities installation;

Reduce the difficulties of geographical distance in negotiations between countries and continents through videoconferences and international trips, thereby minimizing the difficulties between different cultures and languages;

The whole structure and specialized services with a fair and competitive price to meet the needs of the enterprise.


Our service team is prepared to understand your needs and formulate a customized proposal.