Social investment

A day-to-day better each day

In addition to developing solutions for acquisition of industrial lands, the SANTA CATARINA Industrial Land also performs actions for the development of our employees and the community where we operate. Helping build a day to day better each day. This is our commitment to society.

Social investment policy

SANTA CATARINA Industrial Land listens to the needs of its employees and the community through social investment policy programs, focusing on education and health, with actions aimed at children and adolescents.

Value for community

SANTA CATARINA Industrial Land works within a Master Plan for Social Investments to benefit the community. Here are some examples of social investment we develop:

SANTA CATARINA Industrial Land Ecology Award

We encourage the development of new environmental education projects, with the goal of promoting social responsibility initiatives in public and private schools. In addition to the educational aspect, the award invites the school to think of ways to use less energy, improve acoustic comfort and integrate the environment with the school infrastructure to be an example of environmental behavior for parents and students.

Organizational projects

SANTA CATARINA Industrial Land directs the execution of organizational projects funded by City, State and Federal Government which directly benefit the needy society where the company operates.

Institutional Sponsorship

SANTA CATARINA Industrial Land is a company committed to the sport and culture. For this reason our company sponsors several sports and promotes culture by supporting many young people and local groups.

Volunteer Programs

Five days a year, the whole team of SANTA CATARINA Industrial Land acts personally promoting different activities at a district that directly benefit its population. Ex.: Repairing playgrounds, painting fences, cleaning schools, building gardens, implementing the selective collection of garbage, planting trees, visiting hospitals and other activities.